Inspection Systems

MIS series

Portable motor driven system.
-Practical wheeled cart w/ telescopic boom.
-Controller, 17″ sunlight readable monitor
-Up to 1000 m cable.

MSIS series

-500 to 1000 m cable.
-Robust motor winch.
-Asynchronous motor.
-Speed control by inverter.
-Emergency crank.
-Automatic level wind.
-Customizable details.

HDS 300

Portable manual system.
-Ruggy case, 67x67x64 cm (26x26x25 in)
-300 m aramid reinforced cable.
-Integrated monitor & recorder.
-Precision counter on screen & text generator.

LIS Micro

Mini manual reel w/50 cable.
-Option: Camera ø50 or ø30
-Light dimmer, recorder w/2.4″ LCD.

LIS 100

Manual System w/ 100 m cable.
-Inspecam LX camera 10 Watt light.
-Attached controller.
-Light dimmer, counter w/text generator.
-Monitor, recorder & centralizer.
-Transport case.


Manual system w/ 100 m cable
-Inspecam LX, camera 10 Watt light.
-Control Box GA w/17″ monitor & recorder.
-Sheave w/ adapter, counter w/text generator.